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Give the Gift of Music to a Child

I see the School growing stronger in the future, with a growing number of supporters as they learn what the school is doing for those students who need a little encouragement at this time in their lives.  It is wonderful to be able to give a leg up to a young person, to enrich their lives through music.  With a higher sense of worth and a good outlook on life, our graduates will spread the good news here and now in their future communities. ” Mary Cates, CMS Founder 

Mary Cates, CMS Founder

Sponsor a Student
Cover the cost of tuition for a semester or a full school year and follow that student’s progress.

Sponsor a Teacher
Help us maintain a staff of high caliber professionals to educate and mentor our students.

Sponsor an Ensemble
Ensemble playing develops our students’ musicianship and teamwork skills.  Options include strings, vocal, pop, percussion and handbells.

Sponsor an Instrument Section
Pay it forward to support students learning the instrument that meant so much to your own childhood.

Fund a Summer Music Camp
Keep the students’ music skills active with fun instruction during summer break.

Provide for the Maintenance of Our Instruments
In-school and loaned instruments require repairs and regular care such as tunings,new strings and reeds.

Donate Music Stands, Chairs, Instruments and Other Essential Supplies
Furnish our classrooms, digital lab and library with quality equipment necessary for learning.

Underwrite the Cost of a Recital or Concert
Performing helps build students’ confidence and lets them showcase their budding talents.

Let’s orchestrate change together!

Community Music School provides various levels of recognition for our sponsors and donors and will work with you to create a meaningful tribute for your gift.  Gifts of stock, bequests, monthly and annual giving programs and employer-matched contributions are also gratefully accepted.
Contact us today: 919.832.0900 or executivedirector@cmsraleigh.org.