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Please help CMS reopen its doors to our 120 students

For 23 years, CMS has operated without a reserve fund. When times were tough, we found ways to work around this shortcoming and move forward.

This time is different. Insufficient fundraising, unexpected timing delays in anticipated grant revenue, program expansion, increased personnel costs and unforeseen financial bumps have forced the Board to make the difficult decision to suspend all classes at the school until our financial situation can be stabilized. This leaves our students without music classes mid-year, which is disappointing to them and to the whole CMS community.

The Board of Directors has launched an emergency appeal to raise $100,000 by January 31 so that the school can be reopened. I ask you to help us with a donation if you can.  Gifts can be mailed to CMS, or made online at Please contact CMS at (919) 832-0900 with any questions.

With your help we will be able to open our doors quickly and once again teach our amazing 120 students.

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